BioSecurity for your farm


Biosecurity is a very important practice that should be undertaken to prevent the introduction and spread of diseases. Healthy animals are the cornerstone of a successful sheep enterprise, regardless of the reasons for sheep ownership.

These days, there is a heightened awareness of biosecurity due to the risks of bioterrorism and the fear of introducing foreign diseases such as foot-and-mouth disease to the UK and Ireland. Biosecurity is important no matter what size flock or farm you have. It only takes one sheep to introduce a new disease and one farm to start a disease epidemic.

Steri-7 is a specialist multi-function biocidal cleaner that helps to clean and maintain Lamb Adopters, Lamb Warming Boxes, Lambing Pen Hay Racks, Lamb/Sheep Feeders, and Lamb/Sheep Troughs. Steri-7 is excellent in footbaths as it works in both clean and soiled conditions

STERI-7  for Agri is a powerful weapon in the farmer’s armory. One of his biggest challenges is making sure that the bacteria levels on the farm stay manageable.

STERI-7 for Agri is a High-Level Surface Disinfectant Cleaner. It has been developed to work in all sorts of conditions, especially those found on a working farm, and has been proven to eradicate all sorts of problems from Avian Influenza, through to Mastitus and Mortellaro and eliminate a wide range of bacteria, viruses, spores, and fungi such as Aspergillus niger, Rhodococcus equi, MRSA, Salmonella sp, Streptococcus equi, Parvovirus, Ringworm.

STERI-7 for Agri is ideal for animal housing and can be used for fogging and power washing.

One application will kill the present pathogens up to 99.9999% within minutes. What’s more STERI-7 for Agri's unique Reactive Barrier Technology ensures that any germs subsequently introduced will also be killed.

STERI-7 XTRA for Agri’s unique properties ensure a cleaner and safer environment and when used regularly it will reduce the chances of cross-contamination.

Despite being deadly to germs, STERI-7 XTRA Agri is non-irritant and non-corrosive.