Leading the field in disinfection


The recent introduction of STERI-7 Equine with RBT; a high level, broad-spectrum, cleaner disinfectant, signals the end of most harmful Viruses, Spores, Moulds, and Bacteria. This will help all Equine professionals who are looking for that one product, which will help provide a clean, safe environment for their charges and ultimately “Peace of Mind”.

STERI-7 Equine is one of the most advanced biocidal disinfectants to be introduced into the Equine marketplace and is the only product that has been independently tested (Irish Equine Centre) and proven to remain active for 14 days after application. This is because of an innovation called Re-active Barrier Technology (RBT), which allows STERI-7 to provide double protection against germs. When applied to a Stable wall, floor or door, all tack, and even rugs and blankets, the biocide in STERI-7 kills the germs present. At the same time, a lasting barrier is created that ensures that germs subsequently introduced to it will also be killed, just as effectively 24/7. Bringing Biosecurity to Horse-racing STERI-7 has been used as an integral part of Biosecurity procedures at some of the world’s top racing yards and prestigious stud farms.


STERI-7 in use We recommend at least two stable deep cleans per year including power-washing etc, and then a fortnightly fogging or backpack spraying protocol. When spraying or fogging boxes use the following procedure: Brush down any cobwebs or obvious organic matter from walls and ledges. Takedown the banks of bedding form around the outside of the box and place it in the center of the box. Sweep the width of a yard brush around the outside of the box where the wall meets the floor. Cover the water trough and feed pot with a piece of timber or plastic. Fog all surfaces using manufacturers recommended dilution of STERI-7 by walking around the box pointing the fogger at the surfaces making sure to get a coating of disinfectant on all surfaces. Re-bank the bedding, give the leveled bedding a quick fog of disinfectant and then leave the box. The horse can go back in when the disinfectant has dissipated. STERI-7 Equine Medicated Shampoo Use undiluted to remove stubborn stains by rubbing into the stain and then washing off with lukewarm water. For normal use pour enough STERI-7 Equine Medicated Shampoo into a bucket of warm water to produce foam and apply all over the body with a sponge. Leave for up to 3 min, then rinse or hose down with water afterward. As a sensible precaution avoid the sensitive eye area.