STERI-7 is a high-level, broad-spectrum, one stage disinfectant cleaner. When applied to any surface from a floor to a wall or even fabric, the biocide in STERI-7 kills Bacteria, Spores, Fungi, Viruses, and Mould in seconds. But unlike any other disinfectant, STERI-7 incorporates a unique innovation called Reactive Barrier Technology.


Applying STERI-7 XTRA using the STERI-7 ULV Biomister causes the minimum of disruption and downtime. It can be used to treat large or small areas, hard to reach ceilings or walls all in a short space of time. It also works as a powerful wind blower. After cleaning an area thoroughly, use STERI-7 ULV Biomister to kill up to 99.9999% of harmful pathogens such as Norovirus, Swine Flu, E.Coli, Salmonella, Legionella and many more. This provides Clients with the total Biosecurity and peace of mind they deserve.


Airlight Plus is a supplementary feed for horses for additional vitamin supply. It is particularly suitable for racehorses for supporting therapy and long-term stabilization of the lower lung sections during intensive training during the race.